These Terms and Conditions outline the obligations that are applicable to both guardians and Participants attending “Showtime! Summer Camp” organised by JOBRA – Associação de Jovens da Branca (JOBRA), Rua do Barro Branco, 3850-564 Branca, Albergaria-a-Velha, Portugal (hereinafter referred to as “Showtime! Summer Camp”):


All guardians and Participants are required to read, understand and comply with the rules and regulations set out in the “Camp Guide” before the start of the respective program.
The main language spoken at “Showtime! Summer Camp” will be English, therefore a basic knowledge is a pre-requisite. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Participants confirm that they have sufficient language abilities and skills to participate in “Showtime! Summer Camp”.
The coordinators reserve the right, at their discretion, to withdraw any Participant whose influence or actions are deemed unsatisfactory, dangerous or incompatible to the Camp community or who will not live within the rules and policies of the Camp. If this occurs, no reduction or return of fee, or any part thereof will be made. The guardian will also be responsible for any additional costs associated with returning the Participant home ahead of time.
It is important that the Participant always maintains the highest standard of conduct. Using profanity, derogatory language, physical violence or threats during participation in “Showtime! Summer Camp” is strictly prohibited. The camp rules and direction of “Showtime! Summer Camp” counselors and staff must be followed at all times.
By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the guardian confirms that the Participant has permission to participate in all camp programs, camp excursions and special outings planned and supervised by “Showtime! Summer Camp”.
By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the guardian confirms his/her acceptance that the Participant may be photographed and that such material can be used by “Showtime! Summer Camp” for promotion or marketing of international summer camping and “Showtime! Summer Camp”.
The copyright of all photography appearing on our brochures or websites belongs to “Showtime! Summer Camp”. No reproduction may be made without prior permission from “Showtime! Summer Camp” management.
By accepting these Terms and Conditions the guardian agrees to completing the medical forms and submitting all requirements to the Application Manager before the commencement of the camp. It is essential that these forms are completed as clearly and accurately as possible, as it provides both the camp director and the healthcare staff with vital health-related information such as immunization and overall health of the Participant. Any medical or dietary needs must be made known to the camp management prior to the arrival of the Participant. All prescription medication, provided by a licensed Doctor, must be given to the camp staff upon arrival with instructions in English. This will only be dispensed by camp staff.
All the personal belongings of the Participant are their own responsibility. Expensive and treasured items such as jewelry, designer clothes or shoes, trainers, etc., should not be brought to the camp.
All Participants at “Showtime Summer Camp!” are prohibited from bringing or using any tobacco products, alcohol and drugs of any kind.
The guardian agrees to support the “Showtime! Summer Camp” program by encouraging the Participant to abide by the highest standards of positive conduct. They will constructively discuss concerns, if any, regarding the “Showtime! Summer Camp” program, a counselor or staff behaviour, or company policies with “Showtime! Summer Camp” management.
The guardian agrees to pay for any property damage caused directly, or indirectly, as a result of wilful or negligent action of the Participant.
The guardian should communicate any changes in availability or cancellation of enrolment in “Showtime! Summer Camp”.

Subject Matter

1. “Showtime! Summer Camp” will grant the Participant the integration in the summer camp, to be developed according the programme and timetable established.

a) “Showtime! Summer Camp” will provide artistic training and the rehearsal and presentation of a final show; it will also include activities such as active lifestyle, leisure and adventure;

b) The referred activity will be developed according to the programme, the same may be subject of adjustments when deemed necessary by “Showtime! Summer Camp”;

c) In exchange for their participation in the summer camp, the Participant shall pay “Showtime! Summer Camp” the total sum of € 3900 (three thousand nine hundred euros);

d) The participation sum mentioned in c) includes in the following participation expenses:

i. Accommodation (Participants will be grouped by gender and paired);
ii. Meals;
iii. All necessary transportation to the execution of the referred activities, namely transfers from and to the airport; between activities; trips concerning meals, hotel, sightseeing tours, sport activities, possible emergency situations; others deemed necessary;
iv. All human, physical, logistic and technical resources, as well as licences and insurances necessary to the execution of the activity;
v. Personal injury insurance covering all the activities performed;
vi. Up to 6 tickets per Participant to attend the final presentation of the show. In the event of more tickets being needed, the request must be made to “Showtime! Summer Camp”, being fulfilled by order of query and by means of availability;
vii. The sum referred to in c) does not include the acquisition of the airline tickets (departure nor return) nor health insurance if applicable, being under the responsibility of the Participant, such as any expenses regarding transportation, food and accommodation of family members or friends;
viii. During their stay and participation in the summer camp, the Participants will be permanently accompanied by a team of monitors that will stay overnight at the hotel and accompany the Participants on all necessary trips to the fulfilment of the activities defined by the programme;
ix. All human resources allocated to this activity will be selected and integrated in a judicious way, safeguarding aspects such as adequate academic training, profile oriented to work with young people and suitability (through a criminal record check).

Terms of Payment

2.1. In exchange for their participation in the summer camp, the Participant shall pay “Showtime! Summer Camp” the total sum of € 3900 (three thousand nine hundred euros).

2.2. The amount mentioned in the previous clause will be charged under the following terms and conditions:

a) 30% of the amount referred to in 2.1. will be paid upon enrolment (the same being a condition for enrolment in the activity), when issuing the respective accounting document;
b) 70% of the amount referred to in 2.1. will be paid up to two weeks before the beginning of the activity and upon the issue of the respective accounting document.

2.3. In case of cancellation of the registration by the Participant, the latter undertakes to reimburse “Showtime! Summer Camp” for all the expenses has already incurred and to pay, as compensation, the following amounts:

a) 30% of the amount mentioned in 2.1, in the event of cancellation more than one month before the date of the event;
b) Total amount referred to in 2.1, in the event of cancellation less than one month before the date of the event.

2.4. In the event of cancellation by “Showtime! Summer Camp”, “Showtime! Summer Camp” undertakes to return to the Participant all sums received.


1. The summer camp will be developed by “Showtime! Summer Camp”, at the premises located in Centro Cultural da Branca, parish of Branca, municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha, Aveiro (Portugal), or in other locations that it may designate for the fulfilment of the referred programme, which can be changed during the course of the activity.

Rights of the Participant

1. During the participation in the activities, the Participant is entitled, without prejudice to others resulting from the legal regime in force to:
a) Attend all the activities provided during the summer camp according to the predefined programmes, objectives and methodologies;
b) Participate in the final performance of the show.

Duties of the Participant

1. The duties of the Participant are:

a) To participate assiduously and punctually in all the activities that integrate summer camp, namely because they are essential for the preparation and later realization of the final show;
b) To transmit, in writing, any personal issues of the Participants that may interfere with the proper course of the activities;
c) To communicate changes in availability or cancellation of enrolment in the summer camp at least 30 days before the beginning of the activities;
d) If applicable, to be in possession of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or health insurance in case these documents are needed;
e) To treat “Showtime! Summer Camp” representatives, team members and other Participants with civility;
f) To maintain confidentiality, namely by not transmitting to external parties information of a confidential or reserved nature;
g) Not produce any image or sound recordings, as well as sharing them without the express authorization of the organizers;
h) To use with care and ensure the good conservation of the equipment and other assets entrusted to the Participant for training purposes by “Showtime! Summer Camp” representatives;
i) To cover the costs of replacement or repair of the equipment and materials used during the training, provided by “Showtime! Summer Camp” representatives, whenever the damages are the result of wilful or grossly negligent behaviour.


1. The Participant must attend all the activities defined in the programme. Any impossibility in participating in any of the activities mentioned must be communicated immediately to “Showtime! Summer Camp” representatives, and, to this effect, the respective justification must be presented.
2. The representatives of “Showtime! Summer Camp” will evaluate, on a case by case basis, the justification presented and determine the best way to proceed, safeguarding the well-being of the Participant and the good continuation of the project.


1. The participation may be terminated by mutual agreement, rescission or expiry.
2. The participation may be terminated when there is a supervening, absolute and definitive impossibility of the Participant to attend the summer camp or of “Showtime! Summer Camp” providing it.
3. The serious or repeated breach of the duties of the Participant grants “Showtime! Summer Camp” the right to terminate his/her participation, immediately ceasing all rights arising therefrom, without prejudice to any civil or criminal liability that may be incurred.
4. Unilateral termination by “Showtime! Summer Camp” or the Participant, under the terms of the preceding number, shall not entitle “Showtime! Summer Camp” to any indemnity.

Amendments to the Programme

1. When, for reasons beyond its control and not attributable to it, “Showtime! Summer Camp” is unable to fully comply with the established program, it may make the appropriate adjustments provided that, whenever possible, it communicates such fact to the Participant in due time.
2. The alteration made in the cases provided for in the preceding number does not give the Participant the right to any indemnity.

Data Protection Policy

1. “Showtime! Summer Camp” hereby undertakes to comply with the legislation in force on data protection.
2. All personal data of Participants and Legal Representatives are collected within the scope of the present Terms and Conditions, for the purpose of compliance with legal obligations inherent to its proper execution.

3. Regarding the processing and use of this data, the personal data collected:

a) Are only used for the purpose for which they were collected;
b) Are not transmitted to third parties, with the exception of data that must be transmitted due to legal obligations, namely the contracting of personal injury insurance, the purchase of accommodation and similar services, the purchase of transport services, or similar.

4. “Showtime! Summer Camp” may use images, video recordings, voice recordings or performances in which the Participant appears and/or participates, in accordance with the following considerations:

a) Images, videos, sounds of activities promoted by “Showtime! Summer Camp” in which the Participant participates;
b) The use of images, videos and/or sounds should only be for informative or illustrative purposes, such as those related to marketing and communication media, such as leaflets, posters, institutional website, reports, audio visual projection, videos of activities, etc.;
c) The use of images, videos and/or sounds may in no circumstances damage the honour and good name of the Participant.

Documents and Applicable Legislation
1. To the present Terms and Conditions, in all that is omitted, the provisions of the applicable legislation shall apply.

By payment of any sum to “Showtime! Summer Camp”, you are acknowledging your agreement to these terms and Conditions of “Showtime! Summer Camp” as described herein.